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semi-accidentally writing again

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Feb. 9th, 2017 | 08:34 pm
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So, I can't really claim that this story is a total accident but it is sort of an accident. I have a friend who wants to get back to writing and she asked to park on my sofa so I can mentor her. That means I had to get up early, make my bed and prepare for morning writing 'group of two'. So, I have a novel slogging away in the mystery middles. Can't write on that as I lost my notes so I will have to review the book in detail to establish what the hell is happening before I can write more. I can't write on the adult coloring book because I need to go visit each house and do some necessary on-site research. I can't write on the practical text book because it is already written and only waiting on me to learn InDesign to format it for print (and it needs some photos too). I can't write on my apropaic magic story because I'm not in the mood. Then there are the couple books I wrote years ago that need revision before going back in print. Yuk. So here I am facing my blank page.

2613 words emerged on a dystopian story. No damn idea it's nature (short-novel) but I have a new main character, a setting and at least the beginnings of a plot. The location is still somewhat vague but likely in the LA area although I may move it north closer to my home.

In other news I picked up my digital scans today. They were surprisingly cheap. I also napped a lot. When I ingest melatonin in the night I suffer a sleep hangover the next day, today. Re-connected with the fabulous JP today too. Road trip soon.

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