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lugging a bed

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Feb. 10th, 2017 | 04:25 pm
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I have a standing offer to a younger friend of mine to help her organize her new place. See, I know her rather well as she used to rent from me. She's a hoarder of sorts and she has a lot of difficulty staying organized.

Today she 'ASKED' for me to come help. This was huge for her. So, first we shopped (she is excellent at spending money) and then we came back to her place to get her bed together. Since you don't know her I will tell a small snippet of her story. Her recent boyfriend is an addict and he is terribly insecure, that makes him a stalker. He basically ran her down to flat broke and homeless with two cats and a lizard. Her mum rented her a room and I hired some friends of mine to move her stuff out of storage so it wasn't thrown out by her old landlord. The #%!# of an x-boyfriend shows up during the move to try to 'get her back'. He's a shit. He also tried to tell MY movers what to do. That didn't work for him. We moved a whole small panel truck full of stuff up to the third floor walk-up.

Basically the movers left a path for her. So when she asked me to help fix her bed I came right over. But there is this problem, her x stole her new mattress (a queen) and left her with his old stacked foam king-ish crap. I mean foam without a cover. It was hideous. The movers didn't know which side was up and left it on the box spring upside down. So after shopping she and I stood up this piece of crap foam thing and a very heavy box spring with drawers and installed the metal bed frame. Then the box and then we had to turn over the foam. OMFG it was floppy heavy. SUCKETH but we did it. Then we had to install the new mattress zip cover thing to protect her from the foam crap and that meant lifting some more. Then the bed skirt which looked rather stupid since the box spring is a queen but we did it anyway. We then made the bed and when finished it look rather nice. We were both a sweaty mess but felt like now she has a clean safe space to relax on.

I believe she will invite me over to help her sort out the rest since the cable guy is due Wednesday and we have to have it ready for the install. Now I'm pooped. But I did treat myself to a Whole Foods salad so I am feeling rewarded. Why must men sometimes be such shits???
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