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REVIEW: GUD Magazine part #1

[Please note I will be doing this review in many parts as the magazine is quite long. I will number the different reviews starting with the front of the magazine and moving toward the back.]

GUD – Greatest Uncommon Denominator #3

August 2008


COVER ART: Steam Bat by Zak Jarvis  voidmonster

The cover has a rather steampunky feel to it with bits and pieces of interesting “stuff” laid out as if by some inventor in the process of developing winged flight. I found it rather cool and I did try to see what the bits were which means I paid pretty close attention to it which is very good news for cover art. A thumbs up.

[As I enter the magazine proper I discover that the device on the cover comes with directions later in the magazine (page 205) which is VERY cool! Nifty, nifty!]

[Please note that I consider myself unqualified to really evaluate poetry beyond the simples of like or dislike etc., this goes for all poetry in the review.]


Poetry’s Yellow Warbler: by Beverly A. Jackson

I found this interesting, but I didn’t really understand what was happening. The imagery didn’t feel like it worked together completely such that I knew intuitively what it might mean.


Dragon and Gear: by Shweta Narayan

This drawing of a mechanical dragon looked a bit like a puppet to me. It does have movement and energy but veers toward folk art or primitive art and in that way I felt lost a bit of its power.


A Song, a Prayer, an Empty Space: by Darja Malcolm-Clarke  ombriel

This is an interesting story centering on ways that we reach for comfort and solace and the many ways we create to manifest communion with the divine. I wish the story had more clarity and spoke more directly to the actions of the characters. It tended to feel more allegorical and to avoid specificity which suggested to me, as a reader, that those details were not clear to the author. I wanted them to be clear. Still, a thumbs up!


The Dragon’s Thorn, Sword of Kings (& Fred): by Idan Cohen [no immediate url available]

This is a silly bit of a story that never quite makes it to real humor but gets stuck somewhere in between. I either needed more silly or something actually had to happen, mostly I needed to become involved with the characters and care what happened. This didn’t happen so I have that experience of the joke I almost but never quite – got! Not a thumbs up but good try.


Dangerous Innocence: by Joseph Jason Rogers  [no immediate url available]

How did Saul, King of Israel die? Sam 31.5 describes the death of Saul as either a mercy killing or assisted suicide. In this powerful piece of art the question is posed, both horn and hornless, sword as both sword and penis, the desert of Christianity and the emoticon “happy face” urging to “don’t worry, be happy.” I liked this immediately but would never hang it on my wall. It is a disturbing piece which is what I think all art should be. Thumbs up.

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