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sorting JM

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Feb. 15th, 2017 | 10:37 am
I'm here: home
Feeling...: goodgood

I ended up assisting a friend of mine in her move to a much smaller place and questionably a 3rd floor location. Luckily I could send in my regular movers to do the heavy lifting up the flights. The last few days are essentially 'after they left' which means stacks of boxes, garbage bags, a bed upside on the floor, a mass of wires and junk and clothing tossed everywhere. Yikes.

So, the last few days have been organizing. We did the bed first and it was hideous. Basically my friend's x-boyfriend stole her queen sized mattress and 'gave her' his really gross all foam mattress (without any top on it). The movers, unable to discern the top from bottom left it upside down on her very heavy box spring with drawers. Worse, the mattress is larger than a queen but smaller than a king. We think it is perhaps a Cal Queen. The thing is it overhangs the boxspring. It took us a full day of at least 3 hours to just get the bed together.

Of course her queen sheets no longer fit so we had to buy new kings that also don't fit but they are at least too large. First we had to flip the floppy mattress and then bag it with an anti-bacterial bed condom. I'm rather fat so all that work was very hard and she is this tiny little thing (think size 0) so getting the bed done was huge. Since then we've been doing some every day so I haven't been here at all. Now her new digs look pretty good and we got 5 triple loads of laundry done at the laundry mat so she has clothing we know is clean. We are down to sorting out a table she wants to sell.

She is a hoarder, ocd and has trouble working alone. So mostly I am there to participate in her sorting. If I'm there she can sit on the floor and go through a bag of 'stuff'. She has to see and touch nearly everything. Lucky for me she is pretty good at throwing stuff away if the garbage bag is near. We've donated quite a bit and the place came with this huge cube open storage bookcase dividing the bedroom from the sitting area. I encouraged her to use if for her shoes. Now she has probably 20 pairs of matching shoes (at least that many singles)

We still have some falling apart boxes in her little storage closet that I want her to re-box into stackable crates for long term storage. The good side is she can get rid of any debris that was also boxed. Like I said, she is ocd so she needs to look at every little thing that accumulates in the bottom of boxes. She has found a lot of earrings she lost :) and a lot of make-up. After we finish her closet and haul off the crap (we already did one dump run) next we go to her storage unit (with one of my mover friends) and unpack and repack the unit trying to find the rest of her clothing and boxes of stuff leaving only the furniture she doesn't want in the unit.

Every step takes a few hours of support. If you have a hoarder friend it is likely they are overwhelmed by the chaos. Often all they need is someone present to keep them on task while they focus on just one bag or just one box. If you can sit there and chit chat with them then often they can do the work themselves. Oh, plan on vacuuming a lot as carpets will collect sequins and little bits of stuff. I am not sure what we are doing today although she already called and said she would call back in another hour or so once I'm more awake. :)

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