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up to stuff and it ain't pretty...

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I'm a speculative fiction writer and I seem to be writing more fantasy or soft science fiction at the moment. My horror writing comes in clumps and then hurries away, as if embarrassed to know me. I don't always keep my publishing credits updated here (I get lazy) and my submission of stories goes out enmasse so I get rejected enmasse too. I love reading my friends list to help me feel connected. Also, I've noticed I don't get notified all the time when people respond in comments so if I miss something HOLLER at me. I have recently (2017) returned from Facebook and enabled my posts here to cross post there - I simply find Facebook too toxic, biased and controlling.

Earlier sales not noted here.
"of lilies" to Freyas Bower - June 2007
"Cherie" to Freyas Bower - June 2007
"Folsom" to Blowfish (Fishnet) - August 2007
"When The Swords Fell" chapbook of 5 stories - published October 2007
WON! 2nd Place: "Boneshaper" to contest On The Premises - October 2007
"Scavenger" to Lucrezia Magazine - March 2008
"puppet" to Doorway Magazine - March 2008
"Rapunsilk" has won the 2008 Cortage Scholarship for Humorous Writing
"The Last Voyage of the Lightship Finngrundet" - 2nd Place - Scene Scream Contest 2008
"Black Ice" is a winner for the Return To Luna anthology - August 2008
"The Gazelle..." Three Crow Press - December 2008
"The Longing" (to be announced) - March 2009
"Extreme Space: The Domination and Submission Handbook 15th Anniversary Edition" Re-print (book) 2013
"Extreme Space: Kink Secrets" (book) 2013
"The Kinky Feminist" (Award Winning book) 2013
"Quantum Afterlife" (book) 2014
"Genevieve and the Cult of Iat'Ar" (fiction book) 2016
"Kundalini and Trauma" (book) 2016

(All of the books listed can be purchased through amazon.com - author F.R.R. Mallory)

2008 Graduate of the CSSF Writing Intensive Workshop (ask me about it!)

Please feel free to add me to your friends list if you think you might enjoy my content. If you want to be on my friends list (to read locked posts) then please email me with your interest. My email address is posted above.

I do TAROT Readings via e-mail mallory_in_ca (at) yahoo (dot) com
$150 prepaid - approximately 2000 words, hard dated.
Please type TAROT reading in the subject header to get my attention.